So you need a publisher?

While computers and the Internet have made it much easier for people to write and publish a book, the missing ingredient to success is often the experience of a publisher and distributor.
What if you could work with a company that understands publishing, promotion, and sales? A company that partners with you and shares your success?

Bluebird Publishing is a St. Louis company that combines the experience of Jeff Fister and Dan Thompson. Virginia Publishing has been publishing books since 1990. Dan Thompson has been in the retail distribution business, in books and music, for 30 years. Together, we understand what it takes to produce a professional book and how to get it into the right hands.

And we believe in sharing this information with you.

We want to empower our authors by providing upfront pricing, as well as helpful guides and tips for your book’s success. Check out our website to get your publishing education started today.

Ultimately, the success of a book will depend on its quality, relevance to the market, and how much time and effort the author is willing to commit to its promotion. What is your definition of success? Bluebird Publishing will help you discover that definition and, with the right tools, give your book the best chance to succeed.