So you need a publisher?

Computers and the Internet have made it much easier to write and publish a book, but the missing ingredient to success is very often the experience of a publisher and distributor.

What if you could work with a company that understands publishing, promotion and sales? A company that partners with you, supports you throughout the process of producing and marketing your book, and shares your success?

Bluebird Publishing is a St. Louis company that combines the talents and experience of owner Dan Thompson, former partner and now senior consultant Jeff Fister, and a team of editorial and design experts. Dan — who has been in the retail distribution business and in books and music for 30 years — understands how to produce a professional book and get it in the right hands.

We also understand and respect that most authors don’t have unlimited budgets. We empower our authors by providing upfront pricing itemizing the charges for the services we’ll provide — so there’s no “sticker shock” down the road.

Our array of editorial, design, publishing and marketing services, along with our informative author resources, will help ensure your book’s success. Check out these sections of our website to start your publishing education ― as well as the sample of books we’ve helped our authors to create.

What’s your definition of success? Whether your goal is to get your book read by thousands or just a select few, getting noticed and making sales begins with the creation of a book that looks professional and is packaged according to market demands. Bluebird Publishing will help you achieve your definition of success by providing you with services and support to give your book the best chance to succeed. Contact us today!

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