Quick Guide to Editing

Is this the first book you’ve written? Are you confident in your writing skills? Do you regularly share your work with more experienced writers — for example, in a writing group — rather than with friends and family who will love your work regardless of its potential appeal to a broad audience?

If you’re unsure about the quality of your writing and your book’s sales potential (if your goal is to sell your book in the marketplace), we suggest that you start with a manuscript consultation so an expert can assess your book’s strengths and weaknesses, and suggest how you can make it more appealing for the marketplace.

If you question the overall flow, structure and organization of your book, we suggest that you work with a developmental editor who, as your personal writing coach, will critically assess your book and suggest improvements.

If you’re confident that your book is well organized but not sure if the writing is clear and grammatically correct at the sentence level, you need a copyeditor. A copyeditor will determine if your book needs light editing to improve the grammar, style, and punctuation or heavier editing to smooth the writing, and will suggest changes as appropriate.

For any editing services, your charge will depend on the extensiveness of the work and the time a professional editor will have to spend doing the work.

A Word About Proofreading: Bluebird Publishing wants you to be proud of your book once printed and for your book to reflect well on our company, too. After all, your book will have both your name and our name on its cover. That’s why we require all of our authors to agree for their book, before layout, to be proofread by one of our professional proofreaders and to be checked again once it is in layout and before it goes to press. The final, careful check will ensure that your book has no typographical or spelling errors, that the formatting is consistent from the first page to the last, that the page numbers in the contents agree with the numbers in the text — and more.

Using the information you provide on the word count for your manuscript, we’ll calculate the cost to proofread your book and include this cost in the contract we send you with the charges for all of our services.